Insurtech UK absolutely condemns the invasion of Ukraine and the actions of Putin

Insurtech UK absolutely condemns the invasion of Ukraine and the actions of Putin. We are praying for the Ukrainian people and hope the conflict in the region can end as soon as possible. 💙💛

We know our position represents all 150+ businesses in our association.

We also wanted to flag the work that our members are doing to support the Ukrainian people and to help raise awareness of the conflict.

McKenzie Intelligence Services Ltd are one of these members who are helping, and their satellite footage was recently used in a BBC article. Here is their CEO Forbes McKenzie with more:

"Our intelligence analysts are closely monitoring key infrastructure such as power stations, commercial airports and key transport links in Ukraine so that any damage can be assessed fully for 'before' and 'after' impacts. Our Global Events Observer (GEO) is helping the insurance sector assess potential exposures and keep track of stranded assets on the ground, and we are committed to providing the most accurate near real-time information as this situation and its impacts continue to unfold. Clearly the war in Ukraine is causing severe humanitarian and economic shocks, and we are supplying imagery and intelligence to the wider media to help support their understanding and analysis of the situation."