The Voice of Insurance Podcast

After a working as an insurance lawyer, an ombudsman, a consultant and a Director at the Chartered Insurance Institute Melissa Collett brings a really well-rounded level of experience to her current role as the inaugural CEO of #insurtech trade body Insurtech UK.

In this podcast we talk about why Insurtech UK has been set up and what items are top of its agenda.

There’s a huge amount going on. The UK’s Insurtech scene is the largest outside of the US and the body already has a hundred active members.

There’s a lot to lobby on, from the speed and effectiveness of regulation to the many unfair quirks of the UK tax regime.

There are also Government grants to help distribute and international agreements to be struck. Melissa is incredibly busy.

But Insurtech UK is a very broad church and is trying to be quite a lot more than a lobby group representing members’ interests. It wants to be a club or an ecosystem that convenes Insurtechs, investors, service providers and incumbents to further the goal of fostering innovation in UK insurance via technology.

After half an hour you’ll certainly be in no doubt as to what Insurtech UK is all about and how you can get involved.

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