Re-imagining the Digital Insurance Landscape: 10 Years from Now

We are delighted to share that our very own CEO, Melissa Collett is one of 40 global insurance experts contributing their insights to digital insurance platform provider, INSTANDA | Insurance Software's anticipated, ‘Re-imagining the Digital Insurance Landscape: 10 Years from Now’, report.

This comprehensive global report takes a deep-dive into the intersection between insurance and technology, presenting a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the industry and elevate customer outcomes.

Download a copy of the report to: 

‣ Explore the impact technology is having on the insurance landscape and the unprecedented opportunity it presents for industry transformation.  

‣ Uncover the true value in customer relationships, and what insurers are already doing to keep pace with changing customer behaviours. 

‣ Understand how AI and connected technologies are transforming every aspect of the insurance value chain, and the potential future impact of Generative AI.  

‣ Discover why core modernisation is picking up pace as insurers look to lay the foundation for change.  

‣ Gain insights into the predictions for a vastly different insurance landscape where insurers become active participants in customers’ lives. 

Download the full report here