Insurtech UK creates COVID-19 hub for members

Insurtech UK is committed to supporting the industry during COVID-19, through regular conversations with Government and providing additional information and analysis about options available to our members. We have created an information hub, which can be found on our website here.

Additionally, our partners have provided specific information and insights for our members:

Browne Jacobson LLP have launched their BeJoined initiative which is a forum for all questions relating to COVID-19.

Salesforce have led a webinar series and launched their Salesforce Care initiative.

Grant Thornton LLP have shared their virtual even series and financial services response plan.

GreenKite have provided guidance on furloughing staff.

The Wells Tobias Group have provided us with an OutsurTech proposal.

IDEX Consulting Ltd have provided outplacement advice for members.

Shout out to all these partners for providing such great insight and support for the community during this time!

For more information on these pieces of insights, please do contact the Insurtech UK Secretariat.