Advanced Automobile Solutions

We are a team of AI and software experts the company bringing to market an offering that allows insurance to be dynamically and accurately priced. The solutions can be seen as telemetry 2.0 – using computer vision to allow significant insights into driver behaviour.

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Allphins is a software solution for insurers and reinsurers. Combining a large dataset and the latest technologies, Allphins enables energy (re)insurers to unlock additional value through better and faster underwriting decisions. Allphins is part of the Lloyd’s Lab Cohort 3, an innovative incubator programme within the Lloyd's of London, and based in Paris and London.

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Amarillo Technologies

Amarillo Technologies is a London-based insurtech company led by insurance experts who know how to leverage technology to drive business success. We empower organisations to digitalise their operations, increase efficiency, and drive profitability. With a focus on data management, we provide bespoke software solutions that enable companies to work together seamlessly.

Our goal is to raise the bar for performance by using innovative technologies that empower people and drive results.

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Anansi Technology

Anansi is building a platform to deliver automated business insurance products to ecommerce businesses, starting with an app providing automated cover for shipping losses and delays. 

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Arma Karma

Arma Karma is on a mission to transform insurance – for GOOD.

Demonstrating insurance can be done ethically, without jeopardising protection or cost effectiveness.

Time to properly cater for this generation.

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ARMD makes it easy for tradespeople to better protect themselves through a combination of IoT and insurance technology. This includes a connected van sensor and embedded tool insurance, designed to reduce risk and get customers back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a loss.

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Artificial helps insurers with the distribution, pricing and negotiation of risk. From the digitising of processes to the application of machine learning. 

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Manage aquaculture risk with DATA, rather than INTUITION.

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AutoGrab's cutting-edge Automotive SaaS solution delivers instant market access and data-driven insights, empowering clients in the UK insurance sector to make informed decisions quicker, strengthen customer relationships, and innovate faster. Positioned as a technology leader, AutoGrab addresses the evolving demands for accurate vehicle data in the tech-savvy UK market, providing a competitive advantage and bridging gaps in the insurance landscape.

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BDElite offers an innovative range of digitally-enabled Motor, Household, including Electric Vehicle and full suite of Fleet, insurance add-on products, services, incident assistance, claims management along with replacement vehicle solutions. Highly regarded by our distribution channel for quality service delivery. We also offer modular and white-labelled solutions, creating bespoke products, services and tailored propositions for our partners, whilst utilising digital technology, managed by our expert in-house team.

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Bikmo exists to enable you to ride more. We build epic insurance products to protect our customers for unexpected events, use technology to make taking out and managing your policy ultra-simple, and provide an exceptional customer experience through our team of bike geeks.

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Bits in Glass

Bits in Glass is an award-winning, global business process automation consulting and IT services firm that augments the insurance and financial services sectors with automation and AI technologies. We design, build, and manage automation programs that unlock the potential of people, processes, and data so you can enhance customer experience, increase productivity, and reduce financial & operational risk.

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Broker Insights

Broker Insights is a leading provider of data analytics and market insight for the global commercial insurance industry. Our award-winning Broker Insights Vision™ platform compiles and standardises commercial insurance market data, enabling brokers and insurers to work together in a more efficient way. Broker Insights was founded in the UK in 2018, and the company expanded into the US in 2023. 

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ComplyAdvantage was born out of frustration experienced first-hand by our founder, Charles Delingpole. Despite trying tool after tool to manage his responsibilities as an MLRO, they all had the same issues: being difficult to integrate, hard-to-use, and poor at providing relevant alerts.

‘False-positives’ impair the ability of compliance professionals from stopping financial crime and the activities it facilitates such as fraud.

The importance of addressing this issue ultimately led Charles to found ComplyAdvantage in 2014 and grow the team to over 350 employees globally.

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Concirrus is the creator of Quest, an artificially intelligent insurance software platform used and trusted by insurers, reinsurers and brokers within the London and global markets. With machine learning analytics and vast industry datasets, Quest enables marine and motor insurers to actively manage their risks in real time and insights that are otherwise impossible to achieve. As a result, insurers are able to offer improved products and risk pricing that reflects the needs of their customers. Concirrus was founded in 2012 and is based in London.

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Established in 1995, Covernet are a leading provider of specialist insurance software.

Our flagship application, ‘ISMIS’, is a fully hosted, enterprise web platform that has been designed and built from the ground up to provide everything an insurer or MGA needs to sell and administer their own bespoke insurance products, no matter how complex or non-standard.

Our clients include AXA, RSA, Allianz, Marsh, Prestige Underwriting, Ibex Insurance and many others.

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C-Quence Insurance Solutions Limited

C-Quence is an insurtech MGA, created to deliver a radical, powerful, transformative and highly efficient way of trading and servicing mid market commercial insurance.

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Cyber Tzar

Cyber Tzar navigates complex cyber threat landscapes essential for accurate risk quantification and insurance pricing. We deliver dynamic, data-driven insights through detailed vulnerability scanning, generating empirical data to assess organizations' cyber risk posture accurately. Comparing thousands of cyber risk profiles across industries, we provide insurers essential analytics, enabling appropriate pricing tiers for cyber insurance products, ensuring tailored, comprehensive protection.

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Dinghy’s ground-breaking approach offers flexible, on-demand business insurance for freelancers and the self-employed. Supported by A-Rated insurance carriers, Allianz and ARAG, Dinghy have built insurance cover that is safe and secure. Freelancers can reduce their premiums when they aren’t working – up or down, on or off - so they only pay for the coverage they really need. With no upfront costs or admin charges. With payments in arrears, charged by the second for cover used.

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EIP is an InsurTech software business with over 15 years experience in deploying and managing device insurance programs throughout the world. We enable device and lifestyle insurance providers to reduce costs, maximise profits and upgrade their digital customer experience. Our clients include some of the largest mobile communications and Insurance companies in the world. We are fast, agile and committed to delivering excellent service to our customers.

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Envelop Risk Analytics Ltd

Envelop is an insurance specialist cyber firm. Our artificial intelligence - enabled modelling and simulation tools to characterise cyber risk as a dynamic system, using economic, technical, and behavioural inputs. We emphasise forecasts based on temporal correlation. Envelop applies an augmented intelligence approach, combining data-driven predictions with cyber and underwriting expertise.

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Equipsme Insurance Services Ltd

Equipsme provides practical health and wellbeing support plans to SMEs. We've teamed up with several HealthTech providers to create a product that supports businesses where they and their people need support the most. Unlike PMI, the product is designed to be used from Day One. Benefits include 24/7 access to a NHS registered GP, smart finger-prick blood tests and a single price for everyone on cover, regardless of age. Equipsme is currently distributed exclusively through insurance brokers. We are backed by AXA PPP, which is also our provider of diagnosis, physio and treatment for customers.

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Evari is an event-native Low Code Application Development platform for financial services.

Highly configurable using low-code tools, yet easily extensible by developers, complex solutions are implemented very quickly.

Evari’s platform is enabling realtime digital experiences for quote / bind, policy administration and claims for innovative MGA’s and insurers around the world.

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Expression Insurance

We insure independent shops and restaurants. We blend technology with the human touch to deliver great cover and pricing to these local heroes.

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Fathom gives risk management professionals the most scientifically robust tools and intelligence for understanding the climate’s impact on water risk. By publishing cutting-edge peer-reviewed academic research and applying it to real-world challenges, Fathom powers better decision-making for the (re)insurance market. Fathom’s dedicated team of scientists harness their passion for innovation and the environment to develop rigorous catastrophe models and comprehensive mapping and geospatial data that make a real-world difference to customers and communities worldwide.

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The FRISS Trust Automation Platform provides real-time, data-driven scores and insights that give confidence and trust to automate the process of Underwriting, Claims and Investigations. The AI driven solutions are built to automate trust throughout the policy lifecycle. FRISS supports honest insurance and a pleasant and fast customer experience.

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Futureproof Financial Group

A fintech and insurtech disrupter of banks, insurers and wealth managers in the retirement and aged care funding space. Our new smart Equity Preservation Mortgage monetises home capital to deliver long term annuity income with no depletion of equity, leaving all home wealth fully intact to fund future needs or leave to the family.Futureproof aims to dispatch reverse mortgages to the rubbish bin of bad ideas...forever!

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Go-Insur from Pancentric Digital is a super agile policy admin solution with fast, flexible set-up and an award-winning delivery record. Take insurance products to market at unparalleled speed and with proven impact. Go-Insur is a cloud-based platform with an impressive feature set and a UK-based end-to-end support service. Accommodates all classes of product. Slick frontend options for quote & buy and portals. Open architecture. Easy integration with the latest tech ecosystems and third party legacy systems.

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Grappler is a global Premium Trust Accounting SaaS. Working with Insurers and MGA’s we specialise in the automatic reconciliation of payments and premium trust accounting requirements, enhancing operational performance.

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Honcho Markets operates a real-time reverse-auction marketplace, honcho, for the competitive distribution of insurance products. Standing as a true consumer champion honcho brings openness, transparency and equitability to the insurance distribution market, where our users #PlayHardToGet for their insurance needs. honcho's mission is to revolutionise the way people buy products and services, saving them time and money and our vision is to be the largest reverse auction marketplace for financial services.

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House of Insurtech

House of Insurtech has developed an innovative underwriting engine and quote and buy platform. The SaaS underwriting engine is a cloud based API that is extremely quick and easy to configure. The quote and buy platform, Insurforce is built on the API and offers a flexible and cost effective solution that gets you to market quicker.

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Hubb Insurance

We are a challenger broker, our objective is to harness tech to eradicate unconscious bias, and conflicts of interest, to drive maximum value to both insurer and buyer of commercial insurance. 

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Husmus is an insurtech company with social impact. We offer landlords and tenants cost eliminating insurance priced by user behaviour. Our product unlocks increased access to homes for traditionally underserved tenants and landlords. 

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ICE InsureTech

Enterprise grade platform delivered in InsurTech timelines.

The power of ICE’s Award-winning, cloud-native and scalable policy and claims insurance software is rapidly delivered in weeks, not years

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Ignite Software Systems 

A cloud-based policy admin platform for brokers built for automation and e-commerce. Ignite has provided 40+ systems and helped many start-up insurtechs launch their brokerage or direct MGA. 

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Incited is a data science insurtech working with insurers, brokers, software houses and third-party providers to create data solutions that are used by more than a dozen UK insurers.

We are the award-winning company behind the IMMERSA365 machine learning and enrichment platform, providing real-time modelling and prediction, uncovering patterns in data, detecting fraud, improving customer retention, generating dynamic pricing solutions and enhancing reporting and interactive data exploration.

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Innovative Risk Labs

IRL is an insurtech incubator and Lloyd's broker. We are FCA principal for over a dozen insurtechs.

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INSHUR is a digital-first platform that’s changing the way rideshare drivers buy insurance in the UK and New York. Launched in 2016, INSHUR is backed by Munich Re. Digital Partners and has $10m in funding, with a team of 60+ in Brighton, UK, and New York City. INSHUR’s mission is to make insurance something customers feel good about, with a vision to design insurance for the new era of mobility.

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Cloud-based Software solutions for MGAs, Insurers and brokers enabling them to manage sales from start to finish and administer all insurance policies. We work towards digitising insurance distribution and administration. Leading to more innovation and lower costs throughout the value chain in the short term and a worldwide insurance distribution network in the long term.

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Insure Alert

Insure Alert Ltd is the pioneering link between vehicle recovery and insurance companies. With our cutting-edge technology, we've streamlined communication to save valuable time and money for both sectors. Our innovative solutions ensure efficient recovery processes, reducing claims processing time and minimizing costs. Trust Insure Alert Ltd to be your bridge to a more connected and cost-effective future in the automotive industry.

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InsurX is the digital exchange for the global corporate & specialty insurance market.

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JGB Associates

JGB Associates advise C-Suite on how to implement AI. John Bethell has a long term background in Consultancy ( BAH) Financial services ( HSBC, AXA ) and Technology ( FatBrain, AOL, E-Bay), and a strong interest in Machine learning working with a proven US AI provider augmenting C- Suite decision making in FS in domains such as Fraud, AML, Insurance ,Underwriting, Trading and Investment.


Juniper fills the gap in health insurance and offer the first reproductive health insurance cover, providing comprehensive coverage for all genders and life stages for global teams.

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KIWU UK is a newly-formed subsidiary of Simble2go, a scaling European Insurtech headquartered in Budapest. Our ambition is to offer a range of commercial and consumer insurance options, which challenge traditional auto insurance models by providing an on-demand, more tailored range of mobility solutions. Our technology combines an app-based mobile solution, with a dedicated service and customer platform, enabling enhanced and more accurate risk assessment using the latest in AI techniques.


Konsileo is a commercial insurance broker founded in 2015 built around efficiency, professionalism, collaboration and client service; leading to happier brokers and happier clients. By combining the importance of face-to-face advice with the latest in data and analytics, along with best in class technology to not only insure clients’ businesses but to anticipate and prevent future risks in the long-term, we can support the development and growth of our brokers whilst also delivering the best service for our clients.

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Laka offers crowd insurance powered by the community. Built around affinity groups, Laka charges customers at the end of the month, based on true cost of claims, up to a personal cap, resulting in full transparency at a lower cost. No claims in a month, no pay.

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Lemonade reverses the traditional insurance model. We treat the premiums you pay as if it's your money, not ours. With Lemonade, everything becomes simple and transparent. We take a flat fee, pay claims super fast, and give back what’s left to causes you care about.*

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Insurance. Simplified. Loadsure is an international Insurtech Managing General Agent (MGA), and its eyes are set on revitalizing the freight spot market with exciting new technology. With an innovative digital product, it is taking the lead, fueling growth, and driving diversification within the market. Loadsure’s fully digital end-to-end, cloud-based insurance solution leverages predictive analytics and cutting-edge tech stack to provide the spot freight community with a full-service insurtech solution, integrated with leading digital transportation management platforms. Visit Loadsure markets the transportation industry’s easiest one-click insurance integration to loadboard, freight marketplace, and transportation management system platforms. A remarkably simple solution, Loadsure helps transportation and logistics companies address the millions of uninsured or underinsured freight tons shipped each year. Loadsure is radically simplified and efficient approach to spot freight cargo insurance, the company has launched a fully automated, end-to-end digital process. As a result, Loadsure empowers brokers, shippers, and carriers to cut per-load insurance costs by 5x and accelerate claims settlements from days to hours. Just as Uber and Lyft harnessed real-time data and a fully automated digital process to revolutionize the taxi industry, the transportation insurance industry is similarly primed for evolution.

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Loro Insurtech

Loro offer SaaS which delivers unique digital distribution by empowering brokers at every level, all with complete underwriting control, real-time reporting, and bordereaux functionality.

Any product, anywhere in the world immediately, and all as the world's first free insurtech.

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At Lukango, our smart insurance cover helps a new generation of small business owners who want to make a success of business on their terms. We achieve this by eliminating the usual ‘nonsense and noise’ in understanding and purchasing insurance. Our company name, and our ethos, embodies both freedom and liberty, and wherever our customers are starting their business journey from, our company and our community are there to support them on their journey

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Many Pets

Many Pet's mission is to make insurance better for everyone. It analyses millions of online insurance searches to identify gaps in the market and consumers’ frustrations with insurance. It then creates unique products or negotiates exclusive deals with partner insurers. The main focus is Pet Insurance in UK, but the company is expanding internationally as well as looking at new products

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McKenzie Intelligence

McKenzie Intelligence Services, is an award-winning satellite imagery and geospatial intelligence technology and consulting business. Our mission is to combine human expertise with cutting edge space and ground technology to deliver actionable intelligence which;

● Enables growth

● Answers complex questions

● Builds corporate and community resilience.

We are the contracted satellite imagery and space data provider to the Lloyd’s marketplace, improving the market’s efficiency in responding to global catastrophes.

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Mitigrate loss prevention to keep your head above water.

Mitigrate is an InsurTech SaaS startup generating fully automated analyses leading to prioritised preventive measures for reducing climate damages on real estate.

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Napo is an Insurtech start-up committed to bringing innovative, customer-centric and transparent products to the market.

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now4cover build and distribute digital insurance products for the connected generations. We’ve started with a fully flexible home and residential landlord solution. We cover all types of property, all uses and types of contents and personal possessions. Customers get a bespoke product designed to their individual requirements which can adapt over time. We’re on a journey to create a completely autonomous insurance solution by continually connecting to data and hardware.

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Oasis Loss Modelling Framework

Oasis is an open source catastrophe modelling platform, free to use by anyone. It is also a community that seeks to unlock and change the world around catastrophe modelling to better understand risk in insurance and beyond. It is constituted as a not for profit company, and our team believes passionately in empowering more people around the world to better understand risk and uncertainty.

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Open is a truly digital insurance company that launched in Australia in 2016. Open offers direct, white-label and embedded car, home and travel products that save customers time, hassle and money. Open is growing rapidly in Australia through major partnerships with telco, health insurers and finance companies.

Since launching the company has doubled almost every year and won awards for its customer experience, instant claims technology and innovative pay-as-you-drive car insurance.

The team has raised $50m in venture capital and are now launching in the UK in 2022.

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Optalitix supercharges underwriting departments using our hosted pricing product and underwriting workbench. Our scalable no-code platform underwrites insurance policies at scale, providing processes embedded with data-driven insight. Insurers across the UK use our products to boost underwriting efficiency, increase risk profits and increase our clients’ control of underwriting processes.

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Paper Insurance

We are a SAAS provider, offering a White Label App and Underwriting platform for Agents and Insurance Companies. Paper modernises their approach to customer engagement and sales. The app collects granular levels of Risk Level Data through APIs, image recognition and just a few questions being answered by the insured. It then delivers price, collects payment, issues policies and completes reports. 

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WE'RE ONE OF THE UK'S LEADING INSURANCE ADMINISTRATORS AND DISTRIBUTORS. Working with some of the UK's best known insurers, we deliver premium products and services to financial advisers. WE PASSIONATELY BELIEVE INSURANCE SHOULDN'T BE PURCHASED OFF THE CUFF Insurance is vitally important to everyone's financial future and warrants professional advice.

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Peachy provides the UK' first truly digital health insurance targeting millennials and micro and small enterprises. It's the first and only health focused insurtech to enter the Financial Conduct Authority Sandbox.

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At Peppercorn, we are redesigning the car insurance model to empower customers. Our digital first experience will not only offer lower premiums, but also give our customers the freedom to choose - choose when to connect, choose which digital channel to use, choose whatever best suits them. Not us.

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Phinsys delivers innovative software solutions to improve finance and accounting processes for the insurance sector. We are focused on helping our clients improve their regulatory compliance and reduce operating costs through back-office automation and removal of manual processes.

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Pikl was founded in 2016 by a small team of insurance professionals who participated in the Sharing Economy. They saw a huge gap in the market created by the lack of cover between traditional Home and Landlord Insurance and the Airbnb Guarantee. Since then Inlet have led the way in the UK, developing new insurance products for this growing market, many of which are industry firsts to ensure that people can get properly protected.

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Policy Expert

Policy Expert is the data-driven home insurer born in 2010 with the ambition to use proprietary technology to deliver better customer experiences, from pricing through to claims. We have grown rapidly to protect over 500,000 homes while redesigning the insurance process, including pioneering fixed rate cover in the UK and introducing jargon-free Plain English policies. Policy Expert has been the UK's number one rated home insurance provider on Review Centre since 2013 and we were voted 'Home Insurer of the Year' in 2017 and 2018.

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Previsico is a global provider of real-time street level flood warnings. These are produced using live modelling to enable people and organisations to proactively mitigate flood impacts.

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Product Led Scaling

Product Led Scaling was created out of direct experience, being part of 8 startup/scale ups, some very successful, some not, seeing the common challenges and mistakes that wasted valuable resources and money. Our passion is to help Insurtechs avoid those mistakes through having a Scaling Framework that Product, Customer Success and Sales can align with and help them maintain a sustainable growth as things accelerate.


Quantee helps insurance companies make smarter pricing.

We do it by providing the first AI-based dynamic pricing software offered as a SaaS platform. Using Quantee insurers can make better pricing up to 10x faster, manage it in much more agile way and deploy new tariffs within minutes.

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Qantev provides the ideal software suite for modern Health and Life insurers.

Our medical focus and deep expertise in machine learning, claims data, medical coding and population behavior modeling allowed us to build advanced solutions to Automate the claims process, Identify Fraud, Waste & Abuse and Optimise providers networks.

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To facilitate the transfer of catastrophic risk to insurance carriers, the industry requires robust scientific hazard models to quantify the risk. Reask’s modelling, forecasting and event response solutions leverage climate data, machine learning and high-performance computing to build catastrophe risk models that are truly global in nature, provide a continuously refined view of risk on the latest data and science, and connect all climate hazards, everywhere, at any time.

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Recorder is building next generation insurance technology to make the process of quoting and binding commercial policies simple.

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Red Planet Software

Red Planet is the leading provider of payment solutions specialising in Insurance Premium Finance Software, that can be used by brokers, MGAs and insurers, across both personal and commercial lines products. Taking an innovative and collaborative approach, Red Planet delivers market leading solutions that combine amazing customer experience, uber efficiency and regulatory compliance into an easy to plug in SaaS solution.

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Renew Risk

Risk modelling and analytics software to secure energy transition.

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RightIndem transforms the claims experience by making the process easy and hassle free for customers. The solution is a white-labelled platform for policyholders to self-serve their own claim - at a time of their choosing - through a curated digital process accessible on any device. The technology leverages structured and un-structured data capture and, an eco-system of third-party fulfilment solutions, to automate key decisions on claims.

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Rightly helps consumers to take control of their data and use their data to deliver better outcomes through using their data to receive better services and to save money.

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Rising Edge

Rising Edge is set out to Reimagine D&O Insurance

We embrace innovation, and challenge tech and data to make a difference.

With no tech-legacy, nor mindset-legacy, we have embraced technology in an agile way to design a bespoke, proprietary, innovative and tech-powered platform.

We have created a positive, values driven working culture, encouraging the creativity and bravery of our team to learn, innovate and share. With Trust and Respect.

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Rnwl is developing the first over-the-top insurance platform. Rnwl is starting by helping customers save an average of £200/year by avoiding expensive auto-renewals. The platform is designed to provide a better service to consumers, addressing the usual pain points in the industry, achieving a better outcome for both consumers and insurers.

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Root is a cloud-native, API-first, end-to-end insurance platform that enables companies of all sizes to easily embed and sell digital insurance products and unlock modern engagement channels fast.Root’s insurance platform automates the complexities of compliance, reporting and operations associated with launching and managing insurance products. A powerful low-code product workbench gives software innovators the tooling they need to build and deploy new products in weeks, instead of years.

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Personalised insurance for the self-employed

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Shift Technology

Shift Technology delivers the only AI-native fraud detection and claims automation solutions built specifically for the global insurance industry. Our SaaS solutions identify individual and network fraud with double the accuracy of competing offerings, and provide contextual guidance to help insurers achieve faster, more accurate claim resolutions. Shift has analyzed hundreds of millions of claims to date and is the Frost & Sullivan 2020 Best Practices Award Winner for Global Claims Solutions for the Insurance Market.

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Workplace hazard monitoring to keep staff safe.

Spacebands' wearable devices alert users when they are in unsafe situations and identify trends so that customers can improve their workplace health and safety performance. Spacebands devices lower the likelihood of insurance claims.

visit website is a technology company with a mission to streamline the claims process. Leveraging artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to offer insurers rapid, efficient, and accurate claims processing. By empowering insurers with advanced automation and data analysis tools, is dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and transforming the future of insurance claims management.

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Stable Group

Stable is a risk management platform that helps businesses around the world protect themselves from volatile commodity prices.

We make hedging simple and accessible, so that companies of every size and sector can invest in the future with confidence.

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Supercede is a powerful, data-centric, global trading platform, specifically created for the reinsurance sector. Supercede brings together the largest global network of reinsurance professionals, with world-class analytics tools, and connects them on an intuitive placement platform.

The Supercede platform, built by seasoned reinsurance and technology specialists, offers a radically better, collaborative placement experience. Cedents can now transform how they prepare submission exhibits and collaborate with their brokers to improve speed to market. The free-to-use Supercede placement platform allows brokers to benefit from a better placement process while reinsurers gain access to more risks and purely digital, actuarial-grade submission data across all non-life products and lines of business.

We are passionate about propelling the industry forward with technology so that the experts can focus on what they do best.

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Superscipt provides business insurance designed specifically to meet the fast-changing needs of small businesses. Underpinned by proprietary technology, expertise in emerging risks and threats, and partnerships with some of the world’s biggest underwriters, it delivers bespoke, subscription-based insurance cover for all types of risk. Superscript shapes business protection around businesses’ individual needs, from essential cover through to complex risks. It delivers a personalised customer experience that supports the ever-evolving needs of small to medium-sized businesses. 

Superscript was originally founded as Digital Risks in 2015 by Cameron Shearer, CEO, an accomplished marketer, entrepreneur and tech expert, and Ben Rose, Chief Underwriting Officer, an experienced broking, risk management, underwriting and claims specialist. Its investors include BHL Holdings (owner of Compare The Market), Beazley Group and Concentric.

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Suyana uses machine learning and digital technologies to make climate insurance more accurate, accessible, and affordable in the developing world.

Suyana is currently developing flooding and hurricane protection solutions for urban environments, and flooding and drought solutions for agriculture in pilot regions of Latin America. Suyana commercializes its products through embedded insurance schemes under a B2B2C model, which facilitates the rapid scale up of the solutions.

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Swallow helps insurers get their financial products to market faster. We enable carriers, MGAs and brokers to build, test, approve and deploy their pricing with ease and confidence.

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Drive productivity and efficiency by optimising your business processes with our robust solutions for automation, data analysis, and project management.

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Tempcover is a leading provider of short term insurance in the UK, here to help find flexible temporary cover quickly and easily. We’ve spent over a decade developing short term insurance products and creating an industry that has helped millions of drivers get flexible and affordable insurance. We can help get the policy needed by working with a panel of insurers to offer a range of policies and duration.

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We aim to address the distinctive needs of insurers to manage vehicles and their customers at scale through our innovative and market-leading integrated software, hardware, data, and digital solutions. Our market-leading software includes a platform that provides insurers with a comprehensive solution allowing them to view and manage driving data and insights. The portal provides instant insight into journey information, exception reporting, fraud identifiers, driver scoring, alerts/messages and works seamlessly with our innovative app that gives policyholders an easy-to-use interface with an overview of their driver data and scoring.

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ThingCo is all about empowering insurers and consumers with the next generation of telematics

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VTX Partners Limited

VTX Partners is committed to reviving the entrepreneurial spirit within the insurance industry by placing technology at its core. VTX is the future way of working for (re)insurers, creating an ecosystem which seamlessly connects the entire value chain and all its stakeholders.

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At Wesurance, we empower insurance businesses globally, breaking geographical barriers with our universally adaptable platform. Our mission is to integrate cutting-edge technology with the warmth of human service, creating insurance experiences that are just a heartbeat away. We stand for insurance that is accessible, understandable, and deeply personal, nurturing your peace of mind in a digital age. Wesurance is reshaping insurance to be more inclusive and customer-centric, embodying our vision as "The Next-Gen People-Focused Digital Insurance Solution”.

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WhenFresh, a PriceHubble company, refers to itself as the UK's Residential Property Data Bureau and provides property data and related solutions to leading UK insurers, mortgage lenders, the public sector and other big data users. WhenFresh holds over 200 best-in-class proprietary, private and public property-related datasets in one place and provides its customers with ready access to all the data they need to make faster, better-informed and more cost-efficient property risk decisions.

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Wrisk works with leading automotive brands and insurers to shape the future of their customers’ mobility and insurance protection experiences by providing a digital platform alongside enhanced data insight.

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Yulife, the world's first lifestyle insurance business, is on a mission to make the country healthier and happier. Yulife makes it easy for companies to care for the financial, physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. Yulife aims to create lasting, positive lifestyle changes by rewarding simple, everyday activities through their life insurance and technology platform.

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Yurtle is a novel insurance-based employee wellness benefit to help companies combat caregiver burnout (and associated productivity and employee turnover losses) in the workplace.

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Zero Deposit

We're on a mission to make renting easier, faster and fairer by replacing the traditional cash deposit with a low cost alternative. With an estimated £4bn tied up in deposit schemes and many tenants needing to move when their deposit is still locked in their previous property, we solve the sizeable affordability gap and help tenants secure a fairer alternative within minutes. 

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