Insurtech UK - Origin Story


How do you start a new thing?

This all began with a meeting between a dozen or so founders and senior exec team-members not far from Liverpool St. station. We started by discussing common issues we'd faced, things that worried us, things that inspired us and things that related us.

A small group were given the support to get cracking, harness the sentiment, go ahead and create the blueprint - putting substance to the numerous areas of common ground that we'd discussed.

With the help of our new secretariat colleagues and a Working Group of future founding members - Niall Barton (Wrisk), Dylan Bourguignon (so-sure), John Warburton (Konsileo) and myself, we crafted some ideas to put to the future founders.

A half dozen meetings, over a dozen calls, and hours of everyone's time later and the launch milestone has been unlocked! The caretakers have done their job and now the members shall join and continue the great work.

I wanted to post the first news item describing this process, because it's a lovely moment, too, for the small group who made so much effort to help Insurtech inspire even more people. It wasn't easy, but nothing is.

Insurance gets a bad wrap, it really does, but without it, we'd all still be using flint. It's no coincidence that modern insurance was born at the start of a development process that has now culminated in globalisation. It's insurance that can play a role in the next great leaps of civilisation - by making people safer and more certain. Insurtech is going to be instrumental in that process of connection.

Now it begins with 31, with associates, partners throughout the industry already reaching out and sharing! This is no clique - it's an open door to anyone who wants to join or talk insurtech in the UK, or beyond. If anything it's an alliance of open minds. Minds fixed on the mission of using technology to improve insurance and risk management for customers and make the UK the best place for innovating insurance in the world.

I'd like to wish the alliance, the future council members and every member constructive, fun and useful times ahead! We started a new thing together.

James, Worry+Peace

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