Insurtech UK webinar with ACSO

Insurtech UK and the Association of Consumer Support Organisations (ACSO) are holding a joint webinar on 4th October at 11.30am to discuss the rapid changes in the UK motor and injury claims industry. The webinar will explore how firms managing these claims are evolving to service the needs of customers and their insurer partners. Government reforms, bottlenecks in the motor claims supply chain, inflationary pressures, regulatory reforms and the tail end of Covid have created unprecedented challenges for the industry, but there are grounds for optimism, especially for firms that can harness emerging technologies to improve the customer claims journey. 

ACSO, which represents companies supporting consumers in the civil justice system, is at the forefront of these issues. The webinar will enable Insurtech UK members to understand the broad issues driving changes in claims and the emerging technology opportunities in the sector (digital claims journeys, ADR, remote medicals, compulsory mediation in the courts and so forth). 

Digital transformation in claims is no longer the stuff of fantasy. Fresh, tech-enabled thinking about helping customers when they need it most is a top priority. ACSO members are open to new solutions; many of them are investing in technology themselves. 

There is no better time for insurtechs to get under the skin of this industry and we hope you’ll be able to attend.

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