Tech Webinar Series

November 2020

Following the success of our 'Growth Webinar Series' in March, Insurtech UK is organising a 'Tech Webinar Series' in November. These webinars will take place every Wednesday in November at 2pm. 

There is still some flexibility for these webinars and if you would like to contribute to the content please do contact the Secretariat at

Please see the current agenda for the webinar series below:

Insurtech UK members Azur, Aventus Platform, Bought By Many, yulife and Worry+Peace will be joining Salesforce in a debate around developing customer centric insurance products and whether there is any benefit from an insurtech building their own platform or developing it through an outside provider.

The panellists include:

  • James York, Founder, Worry+Peace (Chair)
  • Anthony Malata, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Salesforce
  • Guy Farley, Founder and CTO, Bought By Many
  • Matthew Doltis, Head of Data, yulife
  • Peter Goodman, Co-Founder & CEO, Aventus Platform

Charlie Blackburn, CTO & Co-Founder, Azur

Covid-19 has created an extremely complex time for insurance companies to navigate. On one side, there are high levels of macroeconomic risks, and on the other hand there is an increased pace of digitisation and an accentuated need to collaborate with the InsureTech ecosystem. All of this requires a significant level of technology modernisation and a strategy powering the way forward. In this webinar, we will bring you five key areas that insurers need to focus on, to ramp up their pace of technology-led innovation and lead their tech transformation efforts with confidence.

  1. Agile product innovation
  2. Data-driven risk modelling
  3. Flexible operating models & outcome-focussed teams
  4. Proactive measures to ramp up cyber security
  5. Building digital capabilities

New technology developments over the past few years, specifically around the ease of integration via API’s and their widespread take up, has meant that the concept of a technology ecosystem is now a reality. Percayso and Genasys Technologies UK will showcase how these technology ecosystems work in the insurance market, using Arma Karma as a case study.

CTO's from Insurtech UK member companies, including Wrisk, Dead Happy, Claim Technology and more will be leading a CTO Forum to discuss the latest threats and trends that the Insurtech sector is facing.