Insurtech UK webinar: R&D tax relief changes Insurtech UK members need to know about with GovGrant

Members are invited to a webinar with GovGrant which will discuss R&D tax relief changes Insurtech members need to know about. The event will take place on 18th October at 11am on Zoom

R&D tax relief has become a tick box exercise for many tech companies, and HMRC are not happy about it. This webinar will cover the vital information that you need to action to ensure you continue to benefit from the scheme. The webinar will cover:

  • HMRC scrutiny and the current state of the R&D tax relief market
  • Recent and imminent changes to the R&D tax relief schemes
  • Why it pays to get ahead with your R&D tax relief claim 
  • Beyond R&D tax relief - recognising and valuing your Intellectual Property

GovGrant is one of the longest established R&D tax credit specialist in the UK. They create value to their clients by fully recognising their R&D and maximising the value of their Intellectual Property. GovGrant has a seat at the table when government and businesses discuss the best way to reward innovation in the UK.