Thursday 30 November (4:00pm - 4:45pm BST)

Women in the insurance industry face many obstacles in rising to top leadership roles. One under-discussed challenge is managing the menopause transition while building a career. The physical and emotional changes during this time can impact women's work experiences and advancement. It is vital for the insurance sector to recognise how menopause affects employees and provide support.

This webinar will examine the specific difficulties menopause poses for women in the insurance sector. It aims to update perspectives on how organisations can assist female employees in navigating this major life milestone. The goal is to foster an environment where women have the resources and understanding to thrive professionally through menopause and reach their highest leadership potential.

Join our powerhouse panel for a straight-talk webinar on navigating menopause in the insurance sector:

  • Ruth Polyblank, Mastercard's VP Insurance, moderating the conversation
  • Sam White, CEO of Stella Insurance
  • Nigel Walsh, Google Cloud's Insurance MD 

The facts:

  • 80% of women report that their workplace has no basic support in place.
  • 41% of women say that menopause symptoms are treated as a joke by colleagues. [Ref: Fawcett Society]
  • 1 in 10 women end up leaving their job due to symptoms. [Ref: Fawcett Society]
  • Campaigners Wellbeing for Women report that 900,000 women in the UK have quit their jobs due to menopause.
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InsurTech Slopes Europe

16th - 17th January 2024

Following on from the InsurTech Investor and Founder Forum in the US, InsurTech Slopes Europe is a two-day event in Switzerland bringing together insurtech investors and startup founders to discuss various topics critical to successful startup growth, while establishing connections between resources and opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about this event, more information can be found here.

InsurConnect Gibraltar 

25th January 2024

Startup Grind Gibraltar is organising the first ever Insurance, Innovation & Startup Summit, a full day Conference on 25th January 2024. The conference, "The Insurance Industry Evolution: Connecting Startups, Established Players and Industry Leaders in Gibraltar", aims to spotlight Gibraltar as an optimal jurisdiction for insurtechs, insurers, reinsurers, captives, and MGA's, as well as discuss trends and innovation in the sector and provide networking opportunities. More information about the Conference can be found here.

Startup Grind Gibraltar is currently offering 10 free tickets to the conference, discounted hotel rates, and a meeting with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. If you are interested in joining an Insurtech UK member delegation, please get in touch with the Secretariat.

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